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The original Easy Feet line-up; acoustic guitar, vocals and percussion. Smooth vocals, mixed with rich guitar tones and ever-popular Conga grooves produce that familiar 'Live Lounge' sound, stripped back and cool.


Perfect for drinks receptions, intimate events, small parties. The Duo can provide refreshing background music or be the catalyst of the party!

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Easy Feet Trio

The trio adds Bass to the mix, and depending on the event, percussion can become drums or electronic kit. This makes the trio a versatile option; which can be chilled if necessary, or go full party mode. 


The trio can adapt to suit any event type, background music or party vibes.


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For the "something different".


Easy Feet Quartet

The fullest and most fledgingest! Guitar, Bass, Drums and Keyboards. The is the all singing, all dancing version of Easy Feet. boasting that unique flavour of RnB and Hip-Hop. 

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